Quarter Life Workshop

All Gone Theatre Company is excited to premiere QUARTER LIFE this weekend!

Directed by Natalie Glick
Featuring Cassandra Seale and Morgan Patton
Brooklyn LaunchPad 721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Saturday, August 17th at 8:30pm
Sunday, August 18th at 2:30pm and 8:30pm

Are you an adult just because you filed your own taxes? Maybe. But probably not. The quarter life crisis is simultaneously soul-sucking and completely absurd. All Gone Theatre Company's original project invites you to join us as we explore the validity of this existential period amidst the whirlwind of pseudo adulthood. 
Despite the turbulent nature of a quarter life crisis, we want you to enjoy yourself, so we will be providing some fun yet classy complimentary adult beverages (courtesy of Lubov Galleries). Run time is under an hour.

Additionally, as a prequel to the workshop performances, we will be hosting a concert/preview exhibit on Friday, August 16th at 9PM. Stop by to listen to some quarter life inspired acoustic tunes and get a sneak peak at the creative morsels behind the development of Quarter Life.

FREE ($5-$10 suggested donation)

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Quarter Life is the premiere work of a new All Gone Theatre development project.  The goal of the project is to address existential dilemmas through innovative modes of storytelling that employ both the concsious and unconscious narratives.  This workshop presentation at Brooklyn Launchpad denotes the initial stage of development.


Natalie Glick directs The Realm by Sarah Myers

July 24th-31st, Natalie Glick is directing The AlphaNYC's production of Sarah Myers' The Realm.  Tickets are available through the facebook event page.

Click here for the event page

Broadwayworld.com Article on Echoes

Broadwayworld.com released an article on the show--check it out!


Tickets for ECHOES

Tickets for our upcoming show, ECHOES by N. Richard Nash are now on sale.


ECHOES by N. Richard Nash

A young man and woman build a low keyed paradise of happiness within an asylum, only to have it shattered by the intrusion of the outside world. The two characters search, at times agonizingly, to determine the difference between illusion and reality. 

Upcoming Production - Echoes by N. Richard Nash

All Gone Theatre Company will be presenting:

ECHOES by N. Richard Nash

Directed by Natalie Glick

Featuring Cassandra Seale and Russell Boyle


February 14th-18th at TheaterLab 137 W. 14th Street

Tickets will be available shortly!